Big Decisions

The personal decision assistant for iPad.

Everyone could use a little help making decisions

Whether you're buying a house or an apartment, a new car, phone or computer, planning a holiday, comparing job offers, or just deciding the best place to take that special person on a first date, Big Decisions can make the process a whole lot easier.

This app is a pleasant surprise! I wasn't expecting much, but I am very pleased to share that it actually helped me with a few major life decisions.

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Trust Your Brain,
Not Your Gut

Emotional decision-making can lead to regrettable arguments and regular doses of buyer's remorse.

Big Decisions lets you clarify what's really important by leading you through a simple but powerful decision making process and putting the power of rational choice back in your hands.

Big Decisions is one of the best decision aid apps I've seen, and I've explored most (if not all). It's useful, attractive, smart, and sleek.

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Reclaim Your Memory

Making good decisions requires lots of information.

Big Decisions helps you collect and organise all the important parts of your decision so you can review and compare them all in one simple overview.

Big Decisions keeps all your information on your iPad for as long as you want, so you don't have to decide straight away. Go away and think some more, add new options as you discover them, remove criteria that you realise you no longer care about.

It's like having a dedicated notebook for decisions, except without the overflowing pages of unreadable, half-scribbled-out scrawl!


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